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Since 2000, we've aided numerous clients to successfully defend their dissertation and receive their doctoral credentials. 

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Services include: 

  • Both APA and MLA editing

  • Help design problem statements

  • Help formulate each dissertation chapter

  • Help design IRB documents

  • Help with data collection

  • Help with analyzing data

  • Help with managing your time

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Problem Statement

Clearly define the problem which must be supported by citations.

Chapter 2

A review of the literature that identifies, supports and defines the problem. 

Chapter 4

This chapter describes the research findings,  analysis process and the study results.

Chapter 1

The introduction serves to engage the reader by discussing the overall research topic and background information to your proposed study.

Chapter 3

Expand on the Chapter 1 discussion by supporting selection of the research method, design, research question, population, data collection, data analysis and informed consent.

Chapter 5

The objective of this chapter is to compare and contrast the study results to existing literature, make recommendation, and conclude what is the objective of the research.